Math help for kids with dyslexia or dysgraphia

Here's a math app recommended to me by a parent of a child with dysgraphia. It's really helped them improve the quality of remote-schooling during covid.

Math help for kids with dyslexia or dysgraphia

It's obvious that kids with special needs are losing out. Parents aren't teachers, and some kids need school even more than others.

A friend in that situation whose child needs a little extra help brought this free app to my attention, and I want to share it with you.

ModMath. It's free. Has great ratings. And, from what my friend said, super helpful (but not so easy to find).

ModMath 2.0

Remote schooling is more than zoom calls. What I can see about ModMath is awesome. Here's how the family that had the idea for the app described it back in 2015:

My husband and I built an app called ModMath out of desperation. Our son, who is dyslexic, was falling behind in math because his handwriting is so terrible, even he couldn’t read it. And because he couldn’t write math problems he couldn’t solve the math problems. His writing disability, known as dysgraphia, commonly co-occurs with dyslexia. And although there’s plenty of speech-to-text programs to help with writing assignments, there’s was nothing to help with math.

Check it out on Apple's app store.