In front of a room full of sales people I once quipped:

"You've heard of being a mile-wide and an inch-deep? Well, I'm a mile-wide..."

After an awkward silence where I just let that hang, there were some brief chuckles, mostly from the people who already knew me.

Saw this quote from Range and thought it appropriate to understand how I approach learning and doing:

I've been in the B2B software space for most of my career at companies focused on integration, APIs, and security. I'm definitely a "creative achiever" as described in the quote above. I explain complex technologies simply, to help people people best understand what technology and tech-trends mean for their business, and to help sales people deliver more effectively across the sales cycle.

I've successfully launched new products, platforms, and solutions, and have enabled sales teams to find more relevant, innovative opportunities, and win better. I use metaphors to explain hard to imagine technologies and tie big ideas to tactics so that my audience doesn't need to "just" trust me. They verify my ideas by taking action.

You can see the companies I've worked for and the roles I've held over on LinkedIn.