Why Subscribe?

Why Subscribe?

You're curious about the latest in NFT Commerce and are looking for a human-relatable storyteller to help you understand why NFT commerce is such a big deal.

If you're "technical" you're likely curious about how non-technical humans think about technology, and in particular NFTs and Crypto. You're interested in how to express the value of your technical work so you can get people's attention. If you're working on NFTs, you want to know why they're cool AND useful.

If you're "non-technical" you're looking for someone who can answer one simple question: "why does this [NFT or Crypto technology] matter to me?"

I've joined BCware, a company simplifying connectivity between web2 and web3 for enterprise companies trying to build on a blockchain.

That led me to go down the NFT Commerce rabbit hole because of a project we're working on. I wasn't that into NFTs prior to seeing the non-collectible use cases emerge. Then I was hooked... and maybe I'm not even sure why.

I want to share that excitement by explaining what I think is happening, in a way that matters to regular people.

Many people jump right into the what – what is an NFT, or a blockchain, or a dApp?

I think the more important question is "Why?"

Why should I care about any of that stuff? Why does it matter for the problems I have? or the challenges I'm trying to solve?

Because in reality, NFTs are slightly upgraded versions of ICO tokens from the ~2018 boom and subsequent bust. It's quite reasonable to ask why they're any different or why we should expect the outcome to be any different. We're going to figure that out here.

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Feb 10, 2022