Metaverse vs metaverse

Metaverse vs metaverse
Photo by Evan Dennis / Unsplash

Do you have a metaverse without crypto? I don't believe you do, but let's just assume that's the case if you don't.

Pedro created WalletConnect. He's someone worth listening to.

Remember ‘intranets’? What if the corporate talking heads talking metaverse are doing what they always do? Glomming onto gobbledygook to try and remain relevant.

What if they’re really talking about the ‘intranet’ version of the metaverse? What if the real metaverse is the Internet, not controlled by any single org?

Well, in that case, wouldn’t every company / human that wants to participate in the Metaverse need to put ETH (among other things) on their balance sheet?

What's fun is when really smart people start to realize what's really happening is not about the price of any given coin:

Aaron's shared a few tweets that are really interesting, but he didn't make them a thread. They're all about the same timestamp as the one above if you're curious. He has an excellent way of articulating his thoughts and they're worth reading.

I also saw a layered diagram that I liked that supported this line of questioning, but didn't save it at the time. I'll try to drop it in here if I can find it later.