Are They Bad at What They Do or…

Are They Bad at What They Do or…
Photo by Clark Tibbs / Unsplash

Is it just that they don’t give a f*&k?

Yeah, I cursed. I'm tired, sick (not covid), and annoyed.

Annoyed by all the tech failures in my life*.

This time though, I'm writing as a human. A stay-at-home dad. Not as a technologist.

The Apple watch came out in 2015. I know a lots changed since then, but not really about notifications. Notifications have been misunderstood for a long time (this was one of my favorite posts to have written).

Citizen is a pretty popular app. Look at their site. The first "value point" in their messaging is "Life-Saving Alerts".

So, why is this the alert I get on my watch?

Unfortunately for Duke, this alert is not going to help.

Open? Open what?!

This is a phone alert displayed on the Watch. This is not a native Watch alert. It's useless.

And, it's not hard to have a quick fix. Look at this alert from Messages:

If you can't display the information, simply tell me how to view the information that you felt was so important as to interrupt me with a alert. That is, if you care about how people use your offering.

So, I'll wonder out loud again. Are these just bad developers? Or, do they simply not care?

* This is not really the post I wanted to write. The one I want to write is longer, about a different pack of bad developers over at Delta Dental Insurance. But, I'm trying to write more, and this was short.