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Creative Complexity

I tell cre­ative sto­ries about com­plex top­ics so that you have a ref­er­ence blue­print for tak­ing action.

At CA Tech­nolo­gies I tell sto­ries about enter­prise tech­nol­o­gy with equal flair to engi­neers, sales peo­ple, or busi­ness exec­u­tives. My sto­ries are both rel­e­vant and com­pelling to the lis­ten­er; they res­onate with peo­ple.

I also tell sto­ries about build­ing wealth and invest­ing. In fact, I wrote a book (avail­able at book­stores every­where).

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I’m avail­able to speak at events or edu­cate your team about the impact of tech­nol­o­gy on your busi­ness. I often focus on the “Why?” for my audi­ences with a side of “How to start?”.

Peo­ple leave my ses­sions with a new way to frame their busi­ness chal­lenges so that dig­i­tal trans­for­ma­tion teams can achieve bet­ter align­ment and have a clear way for­ward towards inno­vat­ing their busi­ness with soft­ware.

David brings refreshing thought leadership, insight and a high level of energy and enthusiasm by pulling on current trends and thinking outside the box. He approaches problems with no limiting beliefs and has a productive approach to innovative solution development.

– Frank Saffoori, Cloudera

My Next Appearance

CA World 2017
Smart Cities and more

Let’s talk about APIs

I’ll be mod­er­at­ing a pan­el of peo­ple who have imple­ment­ed smart city tech­nolo­gies to under­stand some of the things they’ve learned in the process.

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