What I found interesting this week (#10)

Apple & IBM’s part­ner­ship con­tin­ues to get rave reviews. March 9th we learn more about Apple­Watch, but I’m really wait­ing to see what IBM says about it. How is work is chang­ing? How impor­tant is your route to mar­ket? Blockchain inno­va­tion is beyond crazy. Read about Swarm, an orga­ni­za­tion where I’m vol­un­teer­ing some time.

What I found interesting this week (#9)

Insight into the chang­ing work­place from Davos, engage­ment at work sta­tis­tics that my (or unfor­tu­nately may not) star­tle you, and a book to read if you want more. Rethink­ing enter­prise soft­ware. Mus­ings about the future of branch bank­ing, TouchID, and some inter­est­ing Apple­Pay sta­tis­tics. Blockchain inno­va­tion examples.

More about mobile banking experiences

Inspired by a tweet com­plain­ing about Citibank’s cus­tomer ser­vice, I dig into my impres­sion of banks and mobile. How should banks approach the cre­ation of mobile bank­ing expe­ri­ences? How is mobile com­put­ing dif­fer­ent than web com­put­ing when your prod­ucts are software?

Radio Shack: What could have been

I had some crazy ideas for Radio Shack a cou­ple of years ago. At the time I was think­ing of putting together a pro­posal and pitch­ing it to the com­pany (through the com­pany I worked for because we could have built the tech­nol­ogy infra­struc­ture to deliver my idea). I never wrote it up, but wish I had. Here’s a con­densed version.

What I found interesting this week (#8)

6 Blockchain appli­ca­tions other than bit­coin. It’s a great list! Top 50 emerg­ing Euro­pean Fin­Tech com­pa­nies. Another huge health­care hack exposes patient infor­ma­tion while Reuters reveals Apple HealthKit progress. $560M for 2 apps: bril­liant or desperate?