Phrasing that makes it easier for the clueless to empathize

The dis­re­spect shown employ­ees with open work­spaces is beyond belief. Study after study shows that peo­ple are less pro­duc­tive, less healthy, and less col­lab­o­ra­tive yet the siren song of sav­ing money is appar­ently too irre­sistible for com­pa­nies to care. Here’s yet another (great) arti­cle that talks about cre­ative per­for­mance and well-being in crap work­spaces. Con­sid­er­ing how everyone […]

Keep my data just stop with the fucking ads

Take my per­sonal infor­ma­tion just stop show­ing me ads. Last week, many took offense to Tim Cook’s speak on data pri­vacy (rel­a­tive to Google and Face­book). Me? I’m just tired of see­ing ads every­where and will pay a pre­mium to avoid them.

Getting started with Jobs to be Done

Jobs to be Done is a great frame­work for under­stand­ing the rea­son peo­ple “hire” your prod­ucts. I’m using JTBD quite a lot to per­form inter­views & focus groups around the world for our indi­rect sales efforts. Here’s a list of great JTBD get­ting started resources.

It’s just wrong

Here’s advice for the ages: don’t turn your inef­fi­ciency into my bad expe­ri­ence. Minor in the scheme of things, but if a com­pany (even Apple) sends me a pack­age track­ing num­ber it should let me track the pack­age now, not at some unknown time in the future.

Mighty Windows

A water­shed moment for Mac in the enter­prise, IBM is now let­ting any employee chose either a Mac or PC with now orga­ni­za­tional bias. This is a big change — even though we’ve heard of enter­prises sup­port­ing Macs for some time. How big a change? Read on.

Mobile in the enterprise

Another lens through which to under­stand how most enter­prise mobile ini­tia­tives fail. Is the mobile device the one with the lim­ited expe­ri­ence that needs spe­cial thought, or is it the PC where the lim­its exist? It’s the PC, but read on to under­stand why it matters.