A millennial view on enterprise technology

A tweet sum­ma­rizes one millennial’s view on the pre-search inter­net era. Of course, most com­pa­nies that I have spo­ken to are still pre-search on their intranets. Worse yet, they don’t even real­ize it as a problem.

House of cards

You can do it right, or you can fake it until you make it. Unfor­tu­nately for enter­prise soft­ware there’s a lot more of the later than the for­mer hap­pen­ing. RIM was blind to the iPhone Over the week­end in antic­i­pa­tion of a new book on Research in Motion there were a lot of excerpts float­ing around twit­ter on […]

I call bullshit

Evi­dence based user expe­ri­ence research” com­pany Nielsen Nor­man Group declares “Deck of Cards Works Best” for Apple Watch expe­ri­ences. This is false. It may work, but only for peo­ple with­out imag­i­na­tion of the pos­si­bil­i­ties pre­sented by the new Watch form factor.

Apple Watch iMessaging is different than the iPhone

This funny screen shot shows, in part, the great patience my wife has for the way my brain works. Of course it also shows how my brain works. This time, I noticed how iMes­sage on the Apple Watch is different/better than on the iPhone for New York­ers who ride the subway.

Customer first healthcare is a pipe dream

Until some­one starts to really focus on the details of each and every inter­ac­tion that the con­sumer has with the med­ical sys­tem (includ­ing both med­ical & insur­ance com­mu­ni­ties), cus­tomer expe­ri­ence is going to remain maddening.

Here are two exam­ples that would make a great place to start.

Apple Watch genius bar help

I decided to take my new Apple Watch in for a diag­nos­tic check at the Soho Genius Bar. Here’s what I learned and what you need to know if you need take yours to a Genius.