What I Found Interesting This Week

I tend to email a lot of peo­ple links I think they’d find inter­est­ing. Instead, I’d like to try some­thing new this week. I hope to make it a reg­u­lar thing. Let me know what you think. Bet­ter yet, share the post with a friend. Con­nect­ing the next bil­lions of things (via Tech­pin­ions). Good IoT exam­ples in this arti­cle are pre­sented, the author […]

Embrace Commoditization to Authentically Connect with Your Customer

John Kirk at Tech­pin­ions wrote a thought­ful piece on Apple­Pay ($). At the very end he says some­thing about the cus­tomer <-> bank rela­tion­ship: But what hap­pens when one doesn’t have a rela­tion­ship with their BANK, when every BANK looks like another, when every BANK pro­vides vir­tu­ally the same ser­vices, when it’s easy to make a switch and when the […]

PC, Post-PC, and Post-Mobile

Words mat­ter. A lot. I’m look­ing for advice. Advice that I couldn’t fig­ure out how to squeeze into a tweet, which means it needs a whole post. I dis­like the phrase ‘inter­net of things’. To my del­i­cate ears, not many peo­ple can pull the phrase off with­out sound­ing either airy-fairy or too tech­ni­cal. The phrase also seems too loaded and […]

The Kind of Innovation Real People Need

A lot of peo­ple dis­agree with my “every­one should be able to code” atti­tude. “Cod­ing is hard enough”, they say. “You can’t let ama­teurs do it — every­thing will break.” Maybe. But then I read about what hap­pened at Rut­gers, and I know I’m right. Vaib­hav Verma was bored and frus­trated. In other words, he was moti­vated. He wrote an app that […]

UX Discord

I’ve now added credit cards from three dif­fer­ent banks into Apple­Pay — Amer­i­can Express, Citibank, and Chase. Two of the cards pro­vided a bril­liantly sim­ple expe­ri­ence for adding cards. One did not. Of those three banks, I saw one on TV talk­ing about how great their expe­ri­ence was. The con­text was how the bank will com­pete when Apple­Pay is the same for […]

Simple Observation About TouchID

I’m glad we’ve been acquired by [big com­pany] but I worry about hav­ing enough resources now to get our job done.” (said no one ever in the his­tory of tech­nol­ogy acqui­si­tions) The com­mon thought is that big com­pa­nies have more, not fewer, resources to apply to prob­lems. Why is it then that small com­pa­nies like Day One, […]