The Right Mobile App for Your Business

Green Screen

How well would air­line kiosks have done if they were sim­ply “self-service green screens1”?

Why does any­one think mobile is about repli­cat­ing the desk­top experience?

  1. Green screens are the main­frame ter­mi­nals used by the peo­ple behind the coun­ters at air­ports []

What is an Enterprise App Store?

How to Make an App Software Tile Wall of Apps IconsYes­ter­day, some­one said I was “thought provoking.”

Thought I hadn’t thought about it before, being thought pro­vok­ing would be my main objec­tive the large major­ity of the time. Mostly because I’d like to be invited back to poke around in those thoughts & see what pops out.

I feel a lit­tle clar­ity. Kinda like when I real­ized my true core com­pe­tency. Once real­ized, it’s been easy (eas­ier?) to do bet­ter work. To cel­e­brate, I thought I’d try to write a thought pro­vok­ing post. And since I believe a great way to be thought pro­vok­ing is to ask an obvi­ous ques­tion about some­thing the audi­ence can relate to, that’s what I’ll do.

Get Ready to Be Thought Provoked

I won­der if Apple has an enter­prise app store that mim­ics their game-changing pub­lic one?

Before you think what I’m ask­ing, pause. Breathe (from your belly).

I don’t care if they have a piece of tech­nol­ogy, some fea­tures & func­tion­al­ity, that allows IT to put apps some­where that users can find & down­load them. (What all ven­dors call an Enter­prise App Store.)

Isn’t that what an app store is? It is, but again, pause.

Is that ALL it is?

What about [Read more…]

Radio Shack: What Could Have Been

Make Things HappenSome time ago, I came home from the gym and explained what I thought Radio Shack should do to become rel­e­vant again. My thoughts were trig­gered by a funny Onion arti­cle I saw: Even the CEO Can’t Fig­ure Out How Radio Shack is Still in Busi­ness.

At the time, it was a long story.

Then, I guess about a year ago now, Radio Shack had an exec­u­tive change. And, boy did I wish I had writ­ten down my ideas. Espe­cially since the new CEO doesn’t think they need to rein­vent, just reboot.

Any­ways, just this morn­ing I real­ized how to tell my idea briefly: [Read more…]

Listen With Your Heart

HorsesSince receiv­ing 2 tracks pre-release, I’ve been anx­iously await­ing my friend Matt’s album, Ini­ti­a­tion. Turns out today’s the day.

It’s not a long album, but I’ve been lis­ten­ing to it non-stop. It’s fan­tas­tic.

I wanted to share because I want to sup­port him. But, also because I want you to have the oppor­tu­nity to expe­ri­ence Matt’s mes­sage. Matt’s medicine.

You see, I met Matt in the Ama­zon1. We’ve trav­eled to some pretty crazy places together. Know­ing him as I do, his heart, his ded­i­ca­tion I real­ized what this album means to me. (And, I’m about to tell you.)

My favorite quote, and per­haps the one I want on the urn where my fam­ily keeps my ashes, is one attrib­uted to writer Arne Gar­borg (1851 – 1924):

To love a per­son is to learn the song that is in their heart, and to sing it to them when they have forgotten.

You see, Matt loves human­ity. He’s singing to remind us of our very own essence. Of what it means to be human.

You can down­load Matt’s album for free just enter a pur­chase price of zero. If you can make the time, lis­ten first. If you enjoy it maybe put some­thing there other than zero?

Bet­ter yet, share it with the friends you love and let Matt sing them our song.

  1. Jun­gle, not book­store. []

Transparency is a Double-Edged Sword

Ink Blot Test

I like swords… and trans­parency. Trans­parency pro­vides account­abil­ity, though it’s effects will chal­lenge us to rethink a lot of our “social mores”.

Ripped right from today’s head­lines, the pros & cons of trans­parency. I have two sto­ries, one which I believe is “pro” trans­parency, the other “con” trans­parency. The catch is, I’m not going to tell you which is which: [Read more…]