Things to get you thinking (#2)

A new per­pec­tive on the role of the CIO dri­ven by the app econ­omy and a first look at the results of the Apple/IBM “mobile first” part­ner­ship. Last week’s post on the Apple Watch got retweeted a few hun­dred times, so it’s here again as are three new insight­ful posts I wrote this week on the chang­ing busi­ness mod­els emerg­ing from the app economy.

Meaningfully innovating health insurance with software

A major chal­lenge to fit­ness wear­ables improv­ing our health is inte­grat­ing the fit­ness value into the insur­ance land­scape. The inte­gra­tion can only hap­pen if it’s eas­ier to cre­ate the soft­ware that brings it all together. Here’s a way to make it faster, bet­ter, and cheaper to exe­cute inno­v­a­tive insur­ance models.

App notifications as an ecommerce channel

App noti­fi­ca­tions are one of the most impor­tant emerg­ing mobile trends as they unbun­dle com­merce from the app cre­at­ing new chan­nels for brands to con­nect with cus­tomers and enrich know-your-customer programs.

Delivering secure electronic prescriptions

CA Tech­nolo­gies and BIO-key have a solu­tion that exceeds DEA require­ments for elec­tronic pre­scrip­tion issuance incl. multi-factor authen­ti­ca­tion, SSO, and biometric-secured access to EMR systems.

Temporal or time-based social networking

Where are the oppor­tu­ni­ties in social? Social com­put­ing began with per­sonal con­nec­tions themed for work, play, and inter­ests. Loca­tion is just emerg­ing as an oppor­tu­nity. Next should be time.

What I Found Interesting This Week

I tend to email a lot of peo­ple links I think they’d find inter­est­ing. Instead, I’d like to try some­thing new this week. I hope to make it a reg­u­lar thing. Let me know what you think. Bet­ter yet, share the post with a friend. Con­nect­ing the next bil­lions of things (via Tech­pin­ions). Good IoT exam­ples in this arti­cle are pre­sented, the author […]