A Solution I’d Like to See

Just started using Tom Tom for nav­i­ga­tion on my iPhone. The other day, I did a bunch of work dri­ving and thought of an inter­est­ing feature/app I’d like to see. Dri­ving between a few meet­ings, I thought it would be great to get a report of where I’ve been, how many miles I drive, time spent, tolls, etc. I don’t care if I can […]

Retailers Aren’t the Only Showrooms for Online Services

I keep read­ing about retail­ers com­plain­ing that their stores are used as show­rooms for online mer­chants. Some­times it’s impor­tant to look at a vari­ety of sit­u­a­tions to see what we can learn, or to get new ideas. Maybe some­thing we learn gives us insight into our own prob­lems? I love Hip­munk. It’s absolutely the most innovative […]

Why Might Someone Want to Change Api Providers?

I was asked this ques­tion ear­lier today, and I think it’s an impor­tant point. Let me start with a story. It’s a com­mon tale, one of ambi­tion and good-intent. Hap­pens all the time. Peo­ple in a com­pany (or, “resources in an orga­ni­za­tion” if you talk like a corporate-weenie) fig­ure out how to solve prob­lems, often work­ing around parts of the company […]

Another Simple Customer Service Idea for Hotels

Dear Mar­riott, You guys are slip­ping. This is the sec­ond time this year my feather-free room wasn’t. For con­text, I arrived at my hotel at 1:15 this morn­ing. It’s not like I had a lot of time (or brain-cycles) to fig­ure out if my room had been pre­pared prop­erly. Since my room was feath­ered, I’m now spend­ing the […]

Here’s an Idea for Brand Innovation Using Technology

It’s excit­ing to think about the brand inno­va­tion pos­si­ble as tech­nol­ogy spreads through every aspect of our lives. While watch­ing TV last night I saw a Charles Schwab com­mer­cial. The com­mer­cial talked about all sorts of “reg­u­lar peo­ple” who trade and invest with them. The com­mer­cial trig­gered an “eh” response in me, fol­lowed by a “why don’t they do […]

An App is a Feature

I’m always look­ing for a new metaphor, today (as I was strolling through Kobe in search of a latte) I think I came upon another. I keep hear­ing about how few apps are mak­ing money, and how hard it is. I’m sure it is. But I think that’s the wrong lens to view your idea through. Look at your app as […]