Confessions of a Points Whore

Dear Mar­riott, I’m going to share an insight. I beg that you lis­ten. You see, every time I get into my room it takes me like 10 min­utes of curs­ing you before I get set­tled. Don’t get me wrong, but I love your hotels. The brands are clearly demar­cated so I know what to expect when I arrive. When I speak to […]

The Difference

The dif­fer­ence between doing every­thing, or doing one thing and doing it really well. We’re going to see enter­prise soft­ware ven­dors cre­at­ing appli­ca­tions for iOS and Android. This is doing every­thing. The fact it, there isn’t a cor­po­rate tablet mar­ket, there’s an iPad mar­ket. Ven­dors, like every­one else, have lim­ited peo­ple to work on prod­ucts. Rather […]

Who Wants Old Stuff?

I’m a bit sur­prised I’ve not seen any­one else pick up on this Apple insight regard­ing the “New iPad” nam­ing. Imag­ine the buy­ing expe­ri­ence. You walk into a store, and see a range of prices for iPads. You won­der, “what’s the dif­fer­ence between the iPad 2 and the New iPad?”. The answer: (or a sim­ple ver­sion of it) “The iPad […]

This is the Kinda Stuff that Makes Me Angry

Call me an ass­hole any day. There’s plenty of proof to make a rea­son­able argu­ment. But, call me stu­pid, and I’m going to get angry. Whit­ney Hous­ton dies, and Sony uses it as an oppor­tu­nity to make more money. OK, while I think it’s a vile pol­icy, it’s a rea­son­able reac­tion (from Sony’s per­spec­tive). It’s not a big price hike for […]

Please Stop Underestimating Complexity

In par­tic­u­lar, around stuff you know really well. One of the best things about being mar­ried is that I can watch my wife use tech­nol­ogy. I’m shocked at how dif­fi­cult “sim­ple” things are, and how “quickly” she gives up. The thing I’ve learned, obvi­ously but it bears repeat­ing, is that these things she’s try­ing to do are […]

If You Present on a Mac, You Need These

Quick week­end post. Two appli­ca­tions that I find indis­pens­able for doing pre­sen­ta­tions from my mac: Caf­feine. Tiny (and free) pro­gram that sits in your menu bar to quickly let you pre­vent your com­puter from going to sleep or dim­ming the screen. Cam­ou­flage. Another tiny pro­gram that sits in your menu bar to quickly hide all the icons on your […]