BoA Social Campaign: Priceless

So, Bank of Amer­ica hasn’t fig­ured out that peo­ple hate banks and will use what­ever cre­ativ­ity they posses to the let the bank know it. Bank of Amer­ica has a social cam­paign that lets con­sumers cre­ate their own BoA Ads, and calls it “Your Bank of Amer­ica”. The first few times I looked, I didn’t real­ize the fun you […]

API Management Isn’t Just for SaaS API’s

Irre­gard­less of the how much SaaS a com­pany uses, they’re still going to have inter­nal sys­tems. To improve inte­gra­tion across inter­nal sys­tems com­pa­nies will cre­ate inter­nal API’s. They’re already doing so. And, it’s becom­ing cool to do so even more so I think we’ll see some accel­er­a­tion in this space. Inter­nal API’s need to be man­aged just like external […]

Sticking Your Head in the Ground is Never the Answer

This social media thing is funny. It’s often unpro­fes­sional to use words like “morons” or “shit heads”, but for­tu­nately for com­pa­nies, not uncom­mon. Why for­tu­nately? Well, they’re get­ting hon­est feed­back. And, while it’s best to keep it “pro­fes­sional” curs­ing in writing/online has a dif­fer­ent impact than curs­ing on the phone. Curs­ing a per­son is per­ceived as per­sonal and […]

I’m Discouraged

I can’t help but feel that all this patent stuff might help com­pa­nies look good short term, but in fact is not really about deliv­er­ing bet­ter prod­ucts to mar­ket. First com­pa­nies asked employ­ees to work harder, then pur­sued acqui­si­tions (in part) to bring “economies of scale,” then lay­offs made com­pa­nies look more effi­cient, now companies […]

Thoughts on Replacing the PC

Inter­est­ing con­ver­sa­tion over at eBizQ set-off by Peter’s ques­tion: Will the ‘per­sonal cloud’ replace the PC by 2014? The ques­tion is dri­ven by a Gart­ner posi­tion that the per­sonal cloud will replace the per­sonal com­puter as the cen­ter of users’ dig­i­tal lives by 2014. One of the fas­ci­nat­ing things about the con­ver­sa­tion is how seem­ingly few of the […]