The Cost-Value Conundrum

Let’s start with a rid­dle. Imag­ine that you are respon­si­ble for your company’s tele­phone infra­struc­ture and are tasked with buy­ing a whole new sys­tem. You’re given just one cri­te­ria on which to eval­u­ate your choices, cost. What sort of tele­phone sys­tem do you buy? I’ll get to the answer in a sec­ond (this is called “build­ing antic­i­pa­tion”). There are […]

IT Idiocracy, Part I

A major com­plaint by IT against Apple is that Apple doesn’t share long-term roadmaps so busi­nesses can’t plan or man­age risk. RIM, a com­pany closely tied to busi­nesses is in free-fall. Take a look at their 5-year plan, and based on their migra­tion to QNX (their exe­cu­tion to plan over the last 12 – 18 months), you can’t trust a thing […]

From the Mouth of a Babe

I think we’re in a stage with tech­nol­ogy and processes that’s really dys­func­tional. Seems like com­pa­nies get excited by what can be done to save time/money, etc, but don’t spend the time to work through all the logis­tics of that. My two cents. – Vanessa Romann Looks like my wife’s not just eye candy after all.

Cool iPhone App for Sports Coaches

Now that I’m back with an iPhone, I find I have a usable mobile plat­form for doing cool stuff. I started using video with my stu­dents in the last few months as I recov­ered from elbow injuries, and found it to be quite use­ful. In par­tic­u­lar, I like to take very focused short bits of video to help stu­dents see what […]

Self Publishing Innovation

Press­Books — a great way to make an ePub and print-ready PDF — is open to the pub­lic! This is very excit­ing, as I’ve been fol­low­ing these guys from a very early alpha stage. I’ve seen the site grow. Impor­tantly, this isn’t just a “cool tech­nol­ogy” (it’s based on Word­Press, so super easy to use). Press­Books is an easy process for online […]

People, Not Resources

I’ve got a bit of a rant in my head, though I sus­pect it makes me sound old. I can’t help but think about how the world has changed, though in fact, I don’t really know if it’s the world or me that’s changed. I’m work­ing on a new project around reg­u­la­tory com­pli­ance in the health­care space. Just so hap­pens the […]