Another Simple Customer Service Idea for Hotels

Dear Mar­riott, You guys are slip­ping. This is the sec­ond time this year my feather-free room wasn’t. For con­text, I arrived at my hotel at 1:15 this morn­ing. It’s not like I had a lot of time (or brain-cycles) to fig­ure out if my room had been pre­pared prop­erly. Since my room was feath­ered, I’m now spend­ing the […]

Here’s an Idea for Brand Innovation Using Technology

It’s excit­ing to think about the brand inno­va­tion pos­si­ble as tech­nol­ogy spreads through every aspect of our lives. While watch­ing TV last night I saw a Charles Schwab com­mer­cial. The com­mer­cial talked about all sorts of “reg­u­lar peo­ple” who trade and invest with them. The com­mer­cial trig­gered an “eh” response in me, fol­lowed by a “why don’t they do […]

An App is a Feature

I’m always look­ing for a new metaphor, today (as I was strolling through Kobe in search of a latte) I think I came upon another. I keep hear­ing about how few apps are mak­ing money, and how hard it is. I’m sure it is. But I think that’s the wrong lens to view your idea through. Look at your app as […]

Did Anyone Else Notice…

On this week’s Apple ana­lyst call dis­cussing quar­terly earn­ings, many1 times when Tim Cook men­tioned one of the com­pa­nies they work with, he said some­thing like “We love to work with those guys…” and then went on to make his point. I thought it was refresh­ing. Remem­ber, we man­i­fest our expe­ri­ence with the words we choose. […]

Progress Software Divests Talent and Innovation

Progress Software’s strat­egy of cre­at­ing a multi-tenant PaaS infra­struc­ture to cap­i­tal­ize on big data is sound. Try­ing to do it with Main­frame, CEP, and data­base dri­vers is the con­fus­ing part. Read Neil Ward-Dutton’s analy­sis for good perspective.

On Technical Selling

When we tell our cus­tomers about our prod­ucts, we don’t need to tell them about every sin­gle fea­ture. What we need to do is get them inter­ested enough to take the next step. So, in fact, we often need LESS infor­ma­tion, and the infor­ma­tion we share needs to be pre­sented in a way that tells a story. A story […]