Kindle Ads are Not Intrusive

Since yesterday’s announce­ments, I’ve been hit by a ton of searches where peo­ple are look­ing to under­stand how intru­sive Kin­dle ads are on the ad sup­ported devices. In short: They’re not intru­sive of the read­ing expe­ri­ence at all. The ads show up in two places: On the front of the device when the devices is pow­ered off, and […]

I’ve Got Process Governance on My Mind

I went to update my metro­card yes­ter­day, and after charg­ing my card $50, my receipt said “could not write to media call sup­port” (or some­thing close to that). I went to the booth and the per­son there was won­der­ful. She was pleas­ant, knowl­edge­able, and thor­oughly unable to help me. I had to call to get my refund. Well, […]

The Higher Insight

Arti­cle first pub­lished as The Higher Insight on Tech­no­rati. I’ve been think­ing about a recent post by the Win­dows Engi­neer­ing Team on upcom­ing design changes to Win­dows 8 Explorer. It’s an inter­est­ing arti­cle, and makes for good read­ing. The back­story: Win­dows 8 devel­op­ers blog about what they’re doing for Win­dows 8, and you get really inter­est­ing insight into […]

2 Simple SaaS Feature Requests

This one goes out to every SaaS ven­dor out there. Two sim­ple things. (Kid­ding) First… just like we’ve come to expect a “sign in with Google” or “sign in with Twit­ter”, add a “sign in with your Cor­po­rate Account” so that I don’t need another username/password. Step one of imple­ment­ing this might be to let me use […]

This is Why People Hate Technology

This is going to be a post of a few words. Love Google’s mobile browser app UI’s. They really incred­i­ble with respect to what they do in a browser. Let me make one sug­ges­tion. You see, when I’m read­ing an email I always have to go back to the mes­sage list to move between mes­sages because I can’t fig­ure out […]

Please Don’t Compare RIM to Netflix

I’ve cut my Net­flix sub­scrip­tion just like many oth­ers, but please don’t com­pare Net­flix to RIM. While both com­pa­nies have crashed this week after report­ing results, they’re in two very dif­fer­ent sit­u­a­tions. RIM was an estab­lished play, that got creamed by a new entrant. It’s a well defined mar­ket, and RIM’s not now, nor has ever, been […]