Please Stop Underestimating Complexity

In par­tic­u­lar, around stuff you know really well. One of the best things about being mar­ried is that I can watch my wife use tech­nol­ogy. I’m shocked at how dif­fi­cult “sim­ple” things are, and how “quickly” she gives up. The thing I’ve learned, obvi­ously but it bears repeat­ing, is that these things she’s try­ing to do are […]

If You Present on a Mac, You Need These

Quick week­end post. Two appli­ca­tions that I find indis­pens­able for doing pre­sen­ta­tions from my mac: Caf­feine. Tiny (and free) pro­gram that sits in your menu bar to quickly let you pre­vent your com­puter from going to sleep or dim­ming the screen. Cam­ou­flage. Another tiny pro­gram that sits in your menu bar to quickly hide all the icons on your […]

A Real World Lesson in Social Media in the Enterprise

McDonald’s social media fail­ure this week is a good case study for under­stand­ing how busi­ness is chang­ing (or rep­re­sents my wish­ful think­ing about how I’d like it to change). I’ll call this the “old way of think­ing” and the “new way of think­ing”. In short, McDonald’s ini­ti­ated a social media cam­paign on twit­ter. Peo­ple were encour­aged to […]

Apple University

Many of you know that I believe the struc­ture of work as we know it is chang­ing dra­mat­i­cally. A gen­er­a­tion ago, our employ­ers pro­vided a sec­ond home. A sec­ond fam­ily. A sec­ond school. We’d get a full time pay­check, with ben­e­fits. We’d have a choice of career devel­op­ment, and almost guar­an­teed employ­ment. Our co-workers were our neigh­bors, and our friends. They […]

Problem Solved! (Not)

So, I have this prob­lem with Apple that doesn’t boil down to “I’m not doing things the way they designed”. You see, I want to use my iCloud email address as my pri­mary address in iCloud. How­ever, I setup my orig­i­nal iTunes account using my gmail address, and there is appar­ently no way to remove the gmail address […]

My Feeling about the PC Ultrabooks Shown at CES

PC Ultra­books, for those of you who don’t know, are Intel’s answer to the Mac­Book Air. Unfor­tu­nately for Intel and the PC ven­dors, Apple pretty much has the alu­minum chas­sis mak­ing capac­ity locked up, so Ultra­books are mostly made of other, less qual­ity (in my opin­ion) mate­ri­als. To that, I have to just one obser­va­tion to make: […]