Simple Observation About TouchID

I’m glad we’ve been acquired by [big com­pany] but I worry about hav­ing enough resources now to get our job done.” (said no one ever in the his­tory of tech­nol­ogy acqui­si­tions) The com­mon thought is that big com­pa­nies have more, not fewer, resources to apply to prob­lems. Why is it then that small com­pa­nies like Day One, […]

Microsoft Proving Everyone Wrong

The com­mon belief was that Microsoft had a solid going con­cern busi­ness. Win­dows and Office fran­chises, while seem­ingly declin­ing, would remain pow­er­ful fran­chises keep­ing the com­pany alive for a long time to come. They had plenty of wig­gle room to exper­i­ment, fail, and recover. To fig­ure out how to exe­cute. Now, the only thing I can imag­ine is […]

The Things my iPhone has Replaced

Watch­ing help­lessly as the movers do their thing. I tried help­ing, they laughed and told me to sit down. Ear­lier this week I had to fax some­thing (aren’t land­lords hip?). Down­loaded an app, and away I faxed. The other day I saw some Cap­tain Obvi­ous at, I think Bar­clays, write some­thing about how phones are replac­ing cam­eras (uh, Kodak fell off […]

IT Idiocracy, Part I

A major com­plaint by IT against Apple is that Apple doesn’t share long-term roadmaps so busi­nesses can’t plan or man­age risk. RIM, a com­pany closely tied to busi­nesses is in free-fall. Take a look at their 5-year plan, and based on their migra­tion to QNX (their exe­cu­tion to plan over the last 12 – 18 months), you can’t trust a thing […]

What’s Going On At Google News?

OK, so by now it’s pretty well estab­lished that I nit-pick things, have an acute sense of obser­va­tion, and a big enough mouth to broad­cast my aston­ish­ment at the funny things I notice around me. I’m learn­ing how to be more pos­i­tive and keep my mouth shut more… but I just couldn’t pass this one up. Was look­ing at Google […]