Keep my data just stop with the fucking ads

Take my per­sonal infor­ma­tion just stop show­ing me ads. Last week, many took offense to Tim Cook’s speak on data pri­vacy (rel­a­tive to Google and Face­book). Me? I’m just tired of see­ing ads every­where and will pay a pre­mium to avoid them.

Apple Watch genius bar help

I decided to take my new Apple Watch in for a diag­nos­tic check at the Soho Genius Bar. Here’s what I learned and what you need to know if you need take yours to a Genius.

Sustainably Managed Working Forests

Never thought I’d be writ­ing about forestry. If Apple’s doing it, I’m pay­ing atten­tion. Seri­ously though, it’s the 2nd forestry thing I’ve come across in the past while. The 1st is related to the activ­ity I’m par­tic­i­pat­ing in around the blockchain. Fas­ci­nat­ing stuff AND good for the envi­ron­ment. Amazing.

The Only 2 Things You Need to Know About Apple Watch

A totally abbre­vi­ated post on the  Watch, mostly writ­ten just “for the record“1. I started accu­mu­lat­ing Apple stock when I saw the iPhone in NYC. AT&T sim­ply didn’t work, yet I noticed the phones every­where in spite of AT&T’s suck­i­ness. Tehni­cally, I started buy­ing Apple stock after the iPhone though. I believe you’re run­ning out of run­way to buy […]

Apple IBM Partnership: 6 Things to Consider

The Apple IBM part­ner­ship is a big deal. Of course, I have the long view. My wife laughs at my long time hori­zon all the time. In order to get a feel for why the announce­ment is such a big deal, two things are crit­i­cal to under­stand: The way enter­prises acquires, deploys, and sup­ports tech­nol­ogy (it’s like writ­ing an app — it’s one thing […]

Seriously Delta?

My beau­ti­ful wife is on the road. In fact, as I write this, she’s on her way home. I’m try­ing to decide whether or not to keep our baby awake long enough for her to see him. If everything’s on time, it won’t be a prob­lem. But any delay at all, and I’ll want to put him to […]