Meaningfully innovating health insurance with software

A major chal­lenge to fit­ness wear­ables improv­ing our health is inte­grat­ing the fit­ness value into the insur­ance land­scape. The inte­gra­tion can only hap­pen if it’s eas­ier to cre­ate the soft­ware that brings it all together. Here’s a way to make it faster, bet­ter, and cheaper to exe­cute inno­v­a­tive insur­ance models.

Temporal or time-based social networking

Where are the oppor­tu­ni­ties in social? Social com­put­ing began with per­sonal con­nec­tions themed for work, play, and inter­ests. Loca­tion is just emerg­ing as an oppor­tu­nity. Next should be time.

PC, Post-PC, and Post-Mobile

Words mat­ter. A lot. I’m look­ing for advice. Advice that I couldn’t fig­ure out how to squeeze into a tweet, which means it needs a whole post. I dis­like the phrase ‘inter­net of things’. To my del­i­cate ears, not many peo­ple can pull the phrase off with­out sound­ing either airy-fairy or too tech­ni­cal. The phrase also seems too loaded and […]

The Kind of Innovation Real People Need

A lot of peo­ple dis­agree with my “every­one should be able to code” atti­tude. “Cod­ing is hard enough”, they say. “You can’t let ama­teurs do it — every­thing will break.” Maybe. But then I read about what hap­pened at Rut­gers, and I know I’m right. Vaib­hav Verma was bored and frus­trated. In other words, he was moti­vated. He wrote an app that […]

It’s Not Programming, It’s Problem Solving

There will come a time, not to far off, where we stop refer­ring to “mobile com­put­ing” and just say “com­put­ing.” Seems like, in spite of the ridicule I’ve received with these ideas in the past, peo­ple aren’t going to be “pro­gram­ming com­put­ers,” they’ll sim­ply be “prob­lem solv­ing.” I’ve writ­ten before about every­one learn­ing to code, and […]

A Business Case for Building a Software Innovation Platform

Agility. Cloud. Mobile. BYOD. Agile. DevOps. Empty buzz­words. When it comes to com­mu­ni­cat­ing how tech­nol­ogy can enable busi­ness inno­va­tion, it’s dif­fi­cult to cre­ate a talk-track that brings it home. It’s hard to have a con­ver­sa­tion that takes it from buzz­word to mean­ing­ful & action­able plan in any­thing shorter than a the­sis. Per­son­ally, I make these con­nec­tions, I com­mu­ni­cate value, though […]