By the end of the week I’ll be an author

This week, I’ll be launch­ing my first book on invest­ing for peo­ple who’ve never invested before. If it’s your thing, or some­one you know’s thing,  please have a look and/or share.

Very Meta

Though I’m grate­ful that you’re read­ing this, this blog is really more about me, than you. Some­times I write some­thing good and valu­able, but mostly it’s about shar­ing my per­spec­tive. I’d like to write more, but I write a lot (Soft­ware AG, Elephant’s Pay­check) and this site is my 3rd pri­or­ity. As I was build­ing out the Elephant’s Paycheck […]

Apple vs Microsoft Stock Market Performance Insight

[July 2013: This post has been updated. You should really read the cur­rent ver­sion.] Size isn’t what mat­ters (mostly). When most con­sider stock mar­ket per­for­mance, they focus on the size of the port­fo­lio. The size of the invest­ment. It’s really not the only thing that mat­ters. In my opin­ion, it’s not even the thing that […]

Get Started Investing, The Trick

This morn­ing I’m think­ing about key points of my invest­ing blue­print. I’m always work­ing to fine-tune how I intro­duce peo­ple to what I’m try­ing to share. It’s hard to get started invest­ing. A key point is the abil­ity to get started mod­estly. Like with a few hun­dred dol­lars. Yeah, right? That’s crazy. Most places want you to […]

Is Apple’s Stock Expensive?

Here are some thoughts on invest­ing. Two in fact. I love when peo­ple tell me “Apple’s too expen­sive”. Really? Let’s say you have $1,000 to invest. You hope to invest in a com­pany that grows 25% in the next year, so at the end of the year you’d expect to have $1,250. How does share price play […]

And, It’s Only Going to Get Worse

Nearly half of all Amer­i­can senior cit­i­zens die broke” (from a Har­vard, MIT, and Dart­mouth study) It seems like sav­ing for retire­ment is not about how much you man­age to save, but if you man­age to save any at all. How come there’s so lit­tle prac­ti­cal per­sonal finance edu­ca­tion avail­able to help peo­ple under­stand how to make better […]