Emerging Publishing Models

I don’t usu­ally get this excited by any sin­gle arti­cle. You must read “sub­com­pact pub­lish­ing” by Craig Mod. It’s about way more than publishing.

Per­son­ally, I love to read. Love to stay on top of things. At the same time, I’m grow­ing increas­ingly frus­trated at sucky jour­nal­ism. Looks like there’s a light at the end of the tun­nel, and I’m going to do what I can to sup­port it.

Just read the article.


A Little Day One Giveaway

Some­times you just have to believe in something.

This whole Apple, pay for soft­ware once and expect unlim­ited upgrades doesn’t feel sus­tain­able to me. For a major update, I feel we should pay an upgrade fee.

Day One is a jour­nalling app for iOS and Mac that recently had a huge update. You can read a great review here.

Like Shawn (author of the review), I pur­chased Day One orig­i­nally because it was freak­ing gor­geous. I had no inten­tion of jour­nalling, but I wanted to see where they went with this app.

The new update is astound­ingly beau­ti­ful. You should check it out. But, wait…

I emailed the guys respon­si­ble for Day One, and offered to make a dona­tion since I can’t pay for the upgrade. It’s only fair, they’ve put a ton of work into the new release. In response, they gave me a great idea. They didn’t want a dona­tion. They sug­gested that I give away a few copies instead.

I’m giv­ing away a few copies to some of my read­ers here. For now, the price of the Mac app is the same as the iOS app. So, I’ll give away 4 copies to the first four com­ments below (one copy per com­ment, your choice which plat­form). Leave your email and I’ll be in touch. If the price goes back up, I’ll limit the Mac App to 2 copies.

In return, I’d also like to let you know that I’m writ­ing a book I hope to pub­lish in Spring 2013. It’s an invest­ing blue­print for small investors to help demys­tify invest­ing in the stock mar­ket, to under­stand how to get started with as lit­tle as $250, and mea­sure how well you are doing. If you think you might be inter­ested in what I have to say, please sign up for the mail­ing list after leav­ing a com­ment below (stan­dard privacy/spam caveats apply).


* indi­cates required

Cool iPhone App for Sports Coaches

Now that I’m back with an iPhone, I find I have a usable mobile plat­form for doing cool stuff. I started using video with my stu­dents in the last few months as I recov­ered from elbow injuries, and found it to be quite useful.

In par­tic­u­lar, I like to take very focused short bits of video to help stu­dents see what I see in their technique.

Turns out there’s an awe­some iPhone app for doing just this… this app will take video, let you anno­tate it graph­i­cally, and then share it with the stu­dents. You can even slow down or speed up the video to make your point. It’s really cool.

If you coach, mar­tial arts or any­thing, you’d be silly not to try Coach’s Eye. It’s quite afford­able at $4.99 too!

My friend George tried it out and posted a video so you can see how it works.

Have You Ever Forgotten A Password?

Well, have you?

Like every­one else, I had a sys­tem. I had two pass­words (for my per­sonal stuff… more at work), and there were just a cou­ple of vari­a­tions on the theme to allow for site-specific require­ments (like sites that required a cap­i­tal let­ter in there, or some­thing). I had two pass­words — one for very secure infor­ma­tion (like bank accounts and email), the other for every­thing else (like social media sites).

Then, the Gawker secu­rity breach occurred com­pro­mis­ing my “every­thing else” pass­word. Fol­low­ing a mad dash to change pass­words every­where, I’m offi­cially over­whelmed. Since then I’ve clicked on “I’ve for­got­ten my pass­word” more than ever before com­bined! Can you feel me?

I’ve remem­ber to change some, but not all. Vari­a­tions on a theme mean that I have to check through as many as four pass­words on each site. And, more sites seem to enable log­ging in with a user­name or email, but not all will say which you’ve used. And, they won’t tell you if it’s your pass­word or user­name that’s incor­rect. Com­bine that with the logins via face­book or twit­ter cre­den­tials, and I’m ready to write my pas­words on a piece of paper and keep it in my wallet!

By the way, DON’T DO THAT. The secu­rity threat is real.

I’m not a secu­rity expert. But there are some sim­ple things you can do to keep your­self more secure.

For exam­ple, when log­ging into sites from pub­lic wifi net­works, always use the https pre­fix (not http). Since the Gawker breach, many sites have updated their login process to encrypt the con­nec­tion so your pass­words aren’t sent “in the clear” (so that any­one with a simple/free snif­fer look­ing at net­work traf­fic can see them).

Back to topic…

There is a class of soft­ware meant to help peo­ple securely track pass­words. Sim­ply put: they store/remember all your pass­words in a “pass­word vault”. Then, you just have to remem­ber your one pass­word to the pass­word vault.

Of course, it’s never that simple.

It’s got to be easy to use. It’s got to work the way you do.

In short, I’ve come up with three questions/requirements that I’m look­ing for:

  1. Has to sup­port Mac and the browsers I use: Chrome, Fire­fox & Safari.
  2. I want to be able to login from my com­puter, my iPad, or a stranger’s device (like at an inter­net café).
  3. Needs to eas­ily sup­port man­ag­ing mul­ti­ple accounts for the same site, for exam­ple Chase requires that I have two accounts, one for my busi­ness and one per­sonal and I need to remem­ber both sets of logins separately.

Pri­mar­ily though, it has to be seam­less and easy.

I’ve come across two com­pa­nies that peo­ple have recommended:

In short, both look like good solu­tions. 1Password is a lit­tle more pol­ished accord­ing to one friend who’s used both. I’ve found that Last­Pass has bet­ter online infor­ma­tion about the prod­uct (and it’s much eas­ier to find). 1Password says they’ve posted their videos on App­To­r­ial. Can’t find any­thing there! If this is a sign of how they think of usabil­ity, I’m scared of their product.

I finally man­aged to find a tuto­r­ial on how they work when you’re not at your own computer/device. I’d share the link but they don’t have sta­tic links to con­tent for shar­ing!!! You guessed it — strike 2! The solu­tion is a bit com­pli­cated, but well doc­u­mented. I think I could man­age with it, though it depends one other sacrifices.

And, 1Password doesn’t even have a list of browsers sup­ported. In fact, there’s no link to details prod­uct infor­ma­tion any­where other than their users guide (and if you click on the page about macs, links on that page take you to Win­dows prod­uct information).

The one thing I like about 1Password is that how they man­age mul­ti­ple iden­ti­ties for the same site is very obvi­ous in their tuto­r­ial videos, and I’m still not sure how Last­Pass does that.

Last­pass also has inte­gra­tion with a hard­ware key. While not orig­i­nally a require­ment, a secu­rity expert friend of mine con­sid­ers it such. And, since I’m look­ing to fully upgrade my approach to secu­rity, it’s a con­sid­er­a­tion. Last­Pass has a short video of how that works and why it’s important.

What it seems to come down to for now is how they work when not at your own com­puter, and how they work with mul­ti­ple iden­ti­ties for the same site.

1Password makes it really easy to man­age mul­ti­ple iden­ti­ties, but not to work from another com­puter. Last­Pass makes it easy to work from another com­puter, but not sure how they man­age iden­ti­ties yet.

Pric­ing. It’s $40 for a license to 1Password for the Mac, another $15 for the iOS devices (By the way, hate it when ven­dors don’t adver­tise their iOS prices on their web­site). Last­Pass has a free ver­sion, though it’s $1 a month for mobile use and other advanced fea­tures (includ­ing using the YubiKey). And, should I choose to do so, $25 for the YubiKey.

SimpleGeo — Creating Location Based Applications

Design is really impor­tant, and I think Sim­ple­Geo nails it on their land­ing page. Their font, their graph paper, the sophis­ti­cated icons… Cool vibe.

Though, vibe doesn’t mean any­thing with­out good prod­uct. And, though I’ve not tried it out, it seems they’ve got great indus­try acknowl­edge­ments from Read­WriteWeb, TechCrunch, and others.

What I really like about these guys is that they’ve got a broad set of tools to sup­port their mar­ket. They’ve given devel­op­ers a choice, and a sin­gle fam­ily of tools with which to cre­ate a solu­tion. Let’s the app devel­oper vision­ary do what they need, with­out con­cern that the tools them­selves will impose lim­its to their vision.

From a style per­spec­tive, I find it inter­est­ing to note that they have “get an API key” right on the front page. If you’re a devel­oper cre­at­ing a location-aware appli­ca­tion, seems like Sim­ple­Geo is some­thing you must check out further.