Emerging Publishing Models

I don’t usu­ally get this excited by any sin­gle arti­cle. You must read “sub­com­pact pub­lish­ing” by Craig Mod. It’s about way more than pub­lish­ing. Per­son­ally, I love to read. Love to stay on top of things. At the same time, I’m grow­ing increas­ingly frus­trated at sucky jour­nal­ism. Looks like there’s a light at the end of the […]

A Little Day One Giveaway

Some­times you just have to believe in some­thing. This whole Apple, pay for soft­ware once and expect unlim­ited upgrades doesn’t feel sus­tain­able to me. For a major update, I feel we should pay an upgrade fee. Day One is a jour­nalling app for iOS and Mac that recently had a huge update. You can read a great review here. Like […]

Cool iPhone App for Sports Coaches

Now that I’m back with an iPhone, I find I have a usable mobile plat­form for doing cool stuff. I started using video with my stu­dents in the last few months as I recov­ered from elbow injuries, and found it to be quite use­ful. In par­tic­u­lar, I like to take very focused short bits of video to help stu­dents see what […]

Have You Ever Forgotten A Password?

Well, have you? Like every­one else, I had a sys­tem. I had two pass­words (for my per­sonal stuff… more at work), and there were just a cou­ple of vari­a­tions on the theme to allow for site-specific require­ments (like sites that required a cap­i­tal let­ter in there, or some­thing). I had two pass­words — one for very secure infor­ma­tion (like bank accounts and email), the […]

SimpleGeo — Creating Location Based Applications

Design is really impor­tant, and I think Sim­ple­Geo nails it on their land­ing page. Their font, their graph paper, the sophis­ti­cated icons… Cool vibe. Though, vibe doesn’t mean any­thing with­out good prod­uct. And, though I’ve not tried it out, it seems they’ve got great indus­try acknowl­edge­ments from Read­WriteWeb, TechCrunch, and oth­ers. What I really like about these guys […]

Visualizing Data/News on a Map

Lately I’ve been com­ing across some really inter­est­ing soft­ware. I thought I might share what I find, and in turn cre­ate a lit­tle data­base for myself so when I need these offer­ings, I can find them again. I’ve cre­ated a new cat­e­gory called “Cool Soft­ware” to track these posts. Devel­op­ment Seed is a “unique mix of a strate­gic con­sul­tancy and an open source product […]