Go Josh, Go.


Per­son­ally, I’m less inter­ested in fair­ness than in the oppor­tu­nity to cre­at­ing stronger fam­ily bonds. I believe deep down that the lack of these bonds are the core of the vio­lence & and other dis­turb­ing moral trends we see in our cul­ture1.

Josh Levs is suing his employer for a fair amount of pater­nity leave. From the New York Times “Stand­ing Up for the Rights of New Fathers”:

…the United States has one of the least civ­i­lized poli­cies in the world when it comes to offer­ing paid leave for new moth­ers. So, it’s no sur­prise that fathers are often treated as an afterthought.

It’s really too bad this has to be an issue of dis­crim­i­na­tion and not of fam­ily val­ues. Then again, some­times you just “get it done” and worry posi­tion­ing later. Like the way Bloomberg got cig­a­rettes banned from bars. It wasn’t about people’s health, but rather worker safety. I believe call­ing it what it is pro­vides some amount of purg­ing & heal­ing that doesn’t hap­pen with a work-around.

If you have any inter­est in this sort of thing, read Josh’s story in his own words.

  1. I love our cul­ture, it’s won­der­ful and truly cre­ates a land of oppor­tu­nity. I don’t think our cul­ture is in decline. I do believe that it is rot­ting and needs some fix­ing. []