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Though I’m grate­ful that you’re read­ing this, this blog is really more about me, than you. Some­times I write some­thing good and valu­able, but mostly it’s about shar­ing my perspective.

I’d like to write more, but I write a lot (Soft­ware AG, Elephant’s Pay­check) and this site is my 3rd priority.

As I was build­ing out the Elephant’s Pay­check site, I remem­ber see­ing the first draft of the art­work & lay­out. It was really excit­ing. But, it took about 3 – 4 months to launch and by then it looked a lit­tle tired.

I real­ized the chal­lenge with work­ing on a cre­ative idea for too long with­out launch­ing. It ages with you and you lose a lit­tle per­spec­tive. That got me think­ing about what lessons I could share of the process, rather than the sub­ject of the Elephant’s Paycheck.

I thought it would be inter­ested to share thoughts around build­ing Elephant’s Pay­check (the busi­ness, not just the site) on this blog. It’s a craft project right now. Elephant’s Pay­check serves me to share a deep belief I’m pas­sion­ate about while I learn about grow­ing an audi­ence, launch­ing a prod­uct, writ­ing a book, & more.

I’ve learned a lot already. In fact, I real­ize that the lessons I’m learn­ing are valu­able to my day job. I now also con­sider this prod­uct a con­tin­u­ing education.

Towards that end, I’m actively learn­ing rel­e­vant new skills. It’s been ad hoc for a bit, but lately I’ve taken it one step fur­ther with a pro­gram (and a curriculum).

I’ve joined Author­ity, a con­tent mar­ket­ing train­ing and net­work­ing com­mu­nity. The hard­est part is stick­ing to a reg­u­lar cadence of learn­ing more about a topic, and then apply­ing what I learn dili­gently. With so much going on, it’s very easy to fall back on old habits when it really serves me best to cre­ate new ones.

Have a look. If you’re blog­ging and try­ing to build an online com­mu­nity I’ve not come across mem­ber­ship more com­pre­hen­sive than Author­ity. If  you’re like me, and need a lit­tle more struc­ture than you’d nat­u­rally have, you’ll really enjoy the return on the mod­est investment.

Authority: Become A Smarter Content Marketer


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