On Field Enablement and Story Telling

Watch this video (the first 15 min­utes or so, you can stop after he plays the video clip talk­ing about how math­e­mati­cians think):

Before you watch it, write down these transformations:

  • Change ‘draw­ing’ to ‘story’
  • Change ‘math­e­mati­cian’ to ‘sales person’
  • Change ‘excel’ to ‘powerpoint’
  • Change ‘Adobe Illus­tra­tor’ to ‘Microsoft Word’
  • Change ‘write code’ to ‘cre­ate demo’

Now watch the video:

Draw­ing Dynamic Visu­al­iza­tions from Bret Vic­tor on Vimeo.

And, here’s the prob­lem in field enable­ment. Sales peo­ple are try­ing to exter­nal­ize a story that artic­u­lates value. Field enable­ment gives 3 tools — long word doc­u­ments, long pow­er­points, and prod­uct demos. It’s as lim­it­ing to our story-telling as using excel, illus­tra­tor, or cus­tom code to draw visualizations.

Sales­peo­ple need con­text and rela­tion­ships to form mean­ing, to inter­nal­ize the mean­ing so that they can con­nect authen­ti­cally with cus­tomers and prospects. It’s just like the prob­lem with math edu­ca­tion in the video (within the video)… chil­dren are taught using sym­bol­ism that’s hardly used by the top 100 cre­ative math­e­matic thinkers. Our sales peo­ple are taught using a sym­bol­ism that’s sim­ply not prac­ti­cally useful.