The Things my iPhone has Replaced

Watch­ing help­lessly as the movers do their thing. I tried help­ing, they laughed and told me to sit down.

Ear­lier this week I had to fax some­thing (aren’t land­lords hip?). Down­loaded an app, and away I faxed.

The other day I saw some Cap­tain Obvi­ous at, I think Bar­clays, write some­thing about how phones are replac­ing cam­eras (uh, Kodak fell off the planet years ago). So the topic of mobile phones replac­ing other things has been on my mind.

Here are all the things my phone has replaced (or pre­vented me from needing):

    1. home phone
    2. news­pa­per
    3. alarm clock
    4. wrist watch
    5. auto GPS
    6. pay phones
    7. paper diary
    8. cam­era
    9. many books
    10. heavy brief­case full of files
    11. radio/iPod
    12. video cam­era
    13. audio recorder
    14. fax machine
    15. scan­ner
    16. pocket sub­way maps, includ­ing for places I travel
    17. bunch of mem­ber­ship cards, like Star­bucks, United, and Marriott

Just think. Before smart­phones there where whole economies around these things.