Mobile Voice Response Tree App

Would some­one please write this app?

Any­one who dials a com­pany is faced with a mad­den­ing tree of choices before finally get­ting where you need to go. I’m one of those who just hits 0 until I get a per­son, and while many sys­tems pre­vent that, they don’t cre­ate a pos­i­tive experience.

I mean, most of the com­pa­nies I call… call­ing them is the only time I actu­ally inter­act with them. Wouldn’t you think they’d want it to be a delight­ful experience?

How about this for a voice response sys­tem app? Let me open the app, pick the des­ti­na­tion I want, and dial. Since it knows what I want, it can either auto­mat­i­cally hit the right sequence of num­bers, or just con­nect me to the right place directly. My call would be dra­mat­i­cally shorter (I check, it often takes 90 sec­onds just to get to where you want to be, at which point you enter the hold queue) and every­one would be much hap­pier (peo­ple would no longer hit the first sequence that gets them through to a person).

What do you say? Can you please write this app. Not just for me, but for humanity.