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Soft­ware AG (the com­pany I’m cur­rently work­ing for) has just re-launched/re-branded our blog. It’s called Real­ity Check.

As you might imag­ine from an opin­ion­ated loud-mouth (fast-typer?) like me, I’m blog­ging to help get this effort off the ground. In fact, I’m proud to see that my two posts have so far been the most popular!

You all might rec­og­nize one of the pieces, a piece on the oppor­tu­nity in the enter­prise inte­gra­tion space, as pre­vi­ously pub­lished here. There’s a sec­ond piece on Mobile First Inte­gra­tion that you should def­i­nitely check out too.

As a gen­eral rule, I’ll be post­ing Soft­ware AG related top­ics on Real­ity Check first and then copy­ing them here when I can. I want a copy here so I can keep a port­fo­lio of my own. I also want peo­ple to explore Real­ity Check and the best way to do that is to post the con­tent there first. I’ll con­tinue to post here on con­tent not rel­e­vant or appro­pri­ate for the cor­po­rate blog.

Do me a favor & add my Real­ity Check RSS feed to your read­ers. I don’t think you can just sub­scribe to my posts via email, and I’m find­ing that because it’s a group blog you’ll get an email every day or so. If you don’t mind that, email sub­scrip­tion is avail­able too.

Finally, to help us get things going, thought­ful com­ments (on Real­ity Check), track­backs, and post shar­ing via Twit­ter & LinkedIn would be extra wel­come in these early days.

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