Getting Ready for ProcessWorld Withdrawal

Hey Every­one! While I have your atten­tion I wanted to let you all know about some upcom­ing webi­nars that explore this week’s announce­ments in a lit­tle more detail. They’re spaced to make it easy to wean your­selves off of all the great energy here at Process­World with­out suf­fer­ing with­drawal.

Iknow: Know About Prob­lems Before Your Cus­tomers Do

Tues­day Octo­ber 23rd, 10AM EST

The first, Octo­ber 23rd is about Sup­ply Chain Vis­i­bil­ity. Do uKnow iKnow? If not, join us for an in-depth look at our bun­dled solu­tion for deliv­er­ing key sup­ply chain ana­lyt­ics in a visual dash­board that eas­ily lets sup­ply chain own­ers act on the data & events they’re see­ing. Don’t you hate it when it’s your cus­tomers that tell you when you have sup­ply chain prob­lems? You do real­ize it doesn’t have to be like that, right? You can get started with iKnow in just 60 days, and that’s one of the things that makes iKnow so pow­er­ful. uKnow what I mean?

The Intel­li­gent Guide to Enter­prise BPM

Thurs­day Octo­ber 25rd, 11AM EST

Next up, Octo­ber 25th hear our Intel­li­gent Guide to Enter­prise BPM. The con­tent on this one are best prac­tices for align­ing busi­ness and IT around process. How­ever, the real gem is the speaker. Joerg Klueck­mann is a real treat. He heads up our Enter­prise BPM prod­uct mar­ket­ing orga­ni­za­tion and is both really knowl­edge­able about BPM, and really expe­ri­enced at mak­ing BPM work in the real world. It really is a treat to hear him speak. Why not sign up, and if you can’t make just watch the record­ing?

Best-in-Class SAP Solu­tions; Sneak Pre­view ARIS 9

Wednes­day Novem­ber 7th, 11AM EST

Finally (for now), Novem­ber 7th you can get a sneak peak into ARIS 9 and all the fan­tas­tic SAP inte­gra­tion capa­bil­i­ties we have in store for you. Per­son­ally, if there’s one thing I learned here at Soft­ware AG is that we know SAP. Were I to leave here to be CIO some­where where I had an SAP imple­men­ta­tion (or plans for one), Soft­ware AG would be the first call I made. Curi­ous why? Reg­is­ter and find out.

There are a few more webi­nars com­ing in Novem­ber, includ­ing one I’m deliv­er­ing on using a SOA infra­struc­ture to power mobile and cloud appli­ca­tions. It’ll be case study dri­ven and I’ll share the details when I have them.

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