A Picture is Worth…

Some great conversations.

I’m here at Soft­ware AG’s Process­World, our annual global cus­tomer con­fer­ence. We haven’t quite got­ten started yet and already I’ve met a bunch of peo­ple and had some great conversations.

Big deal, right? Wel… you’d expect this to hap­pen at a cus­tomer conference.

Except it hasn’t hap­pened at the con­fer­ence. It’s hap­pened in the air­port. And the restaurant.

I’m not even signed in yet. And, that’s the insight.

I use a pro­fes­sion­ally taken head­shot, and use the same shot con­sis­tently across all my inter­nal and exter­nal pro­fes­sional social out­posts (which by the way, does not include Facebook).

Peo­ple rec­og­nize me.

Recog­ni­tion cre­ates opportunities.

And when they run into me, they know my work, which makes it easy to start a conversation.

Even employ­ees at large com­pa­nies need to think about cre­at­ing a career port­fo­lio out of their work and estab­lish­ing a per­sonal brand. Those that don’t are not only miss­ing out on some great con­ver­sa­tions, they’re mis­judg­ing the cur­rent employ­ment climate.