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  1. David M says

    If you travel with tech­nol­ogy then you need them. I would off­set the cost against the health ben­e­fits, chi­ro­prac­tor costs and or RSI as the lower pro­file is as big of a ben­e­fit as the weight. Ide­ally I want the pro­file of a Mac­Book Air but the abil­ity to use it as a tablet, sim­i­lar to what the MS tablet looks like, this attached to cloud means I can pretty much do any­thing on the road.

  2. says

    Hey Dave!

    Exactly my point. I’ve run up huge phys­i­cal ther­apy bills partly as a result of 15 years on the road car­ry­ing a heavy bag. My expe­ri­ence is that the IT peo­ple think we all throw our lap­tops into our cars to drive between work and home. If that’s how your lap­top is used, then weight isn’t as important.

    By the way, don’t for­get the power adapter weight fac­tored in. The lap­top is just one piece of it. In my case, I have an air that works for 5 – 6 hours so I don’t need to carry a power sup­ply, and the Apple Power sup­ply is lighter than the PC ones that come stan­dard with the Dell’s and Thinkpad’s I’ve expe­ri­enced. My expe­ri­ence with PC’s (admit­tedly end­ing 4 years ago) is that after a year or so, the bat­tery life starts to suck. And, when you start to have to reboot a cou­ple of times a day, that makes the power sit­u­a­tion worse. You end up always hav­ing to carry a power sup­ply or spare battery.

    I think you’ve hit it right on the head with the Sur­face. If it can be what you sug­gest, I could see some really good cor­po­rate adop­tion. But, if you need to start car­ry­ing exter­nal dri­ves, power cords, key­boards, etc (I’m not say­ing you will, but if you do), you might as well carry a light laptop.

    Have a great summer.

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