Happy Birthday, Muffin

Most of you prob­a­bly know of my affec­tion for caf­feine. What you might not know is how deeply I adore muffins. They’re like the best of cake, cup­cakes, and bread all in one tiny lit­tle package.

That’s why I so delighted to announce my friend’s new project: Happy Birth­day Muf­fin (no comma).

Cel­e­brate a birth­day with a muf­fin, beau­ti­fully pack­aged and per­son­al­ized for the birth­day boy or girl. Simple.

In keep­ing things really sim­ple, I like how they’ve pack­aged every­thing up into a sin­gle price — so no extras for ship­ping, and they pay sales tax out of their price.

I ordered my sister-in-law a muf­fin for her birth­day yes­ter­day and she was delighted (or so she said in voice­mail). Frankly, I was sur­prised it got there in time. I ordered mid-day Thurs­day and she had The Muf­fin on Sat­ur­day. Sweet! (Literally)

Any­ways, I’m going to put a lit­tle graphic on the front page of my blog to show my sup­port. Why not give it a shot?