On Technical Selling

When we tell our cus­tomers about our prod­ucts, we don’t need to tell them about every sin­gle feature.

What we need to do is get them inter­ested enough to take the next step.

So, in fact, we often need LESS infor­ma­tion, and the infor­ma­tion we share needs to be pre­sented in a way that tells a story. A story the prospect can iden­tify with1 . A story the prospect wants to be a part of.

Want to grow as a tech­ni­cal sales per­son? Give your­self half the time you think you need to get your mes­sage across on your next meet­ing and have a go at it.

  1. I know it’s bad form to end a sen­tence with a  prepo­si­tion. Don’t worry, I’ll do it again in a sec­ond. []

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