Where Do You Come From?

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No, not that. I don’t care what town you come from.

I want to know your heart.

Do you hold your heart in a place of trust? Or in a place of fear?

Every­thing is an oppor­tu­nity, and it’s a real shame when fear rules. We miss some amaz­ing opportunities.

I learned this first hand when start­ing Where’s Your Heart? Foun­da­tion. It turns out, non-profits are gov­erned at the state level. States reg­u­late from one of two per­spec­tives. Some states trust that peo­ple want to do good, and put struc­ture in place to make it easy to fol­low rules and part­ner with those who try to give a lit­tle back. Other states, New York included, come from a dif­fer­ent place.

Born out of fear, they assume peo­ple who start foun­da­tions are try­ing to “get some­thing” from the sys­tem. They reg­u­late heav­ily, with good intent — to pro­tect con­sumers, but make it extremely dif­fi­cult for peo­ple really try­ing to do good to do so. They miss a great oppor­tu­nity. And, if head­lines in NY are any indi­ca­tion, they don’t seem to be doing such a good job even with the over-stifling-regulations.

That’s not what got me writ­ing though.

In many homes both par­ents work. Or, both par­ents aren’t always around. In some cases, par­ents need help they don’t even know how to ask for. Social media presents an oppor­tu­nity for kids to inter­act with their teach­ers on their own terms, which means the teach­ers can build trust and keep an eye on things. They can part­ner with par­ents to pro­tect their kids. That is, unless you come from a place of fear.

It turns out, NY doesn’t trust their teach­ers any more than they trust their phil­an­thropists. And, they can’t be both­ered to edu­cate them, or fig­ure out some sort of buddy sys­tem to keep things above board. Instead, NYC is just going to ban teach­ers from con­nect­ing with their stu­dents.

I guess is bet­ter this way. Then they can hon­estly deny see­ing the online bul­ly­ing that seems to affect so many young lives.

I feel bad for the good teach­ers who are pun­ished because of the few rot­ten apples.

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