Another Entry Point for Apple into the Enterprise

Let me just say, with my wed­ding 6 days away, and 1 full day into my juice cleanse in prepa­ra­tion for the event, I’m really too tired to write. But know­ing that I’ll be away for two weeks on a hon­ey­moon, and then scram­bling to catch up at work from the time I get home until Thanks­giv­ing, this may very well be my last post until Thanksgiving.

That said (start­ing now) I’m going to keep this short, and let your imag­i­na­tion do the work.

Air­play is not just Apple’s go to mar­ket TV strat­egy, it’s another entry point to the enterprise.

The other night, my new boss explained to me how Apple’s Air­play has changed his life (as a par­ent). You can go from “cry­ing child” to “movie on the screen” in sec­onds with an iPad and an Apple TV.

As I sat in con­fer­ence rooms last week, that got me think­ing. Check out the mess of cables. I know I’ve had to hunt for (and pos­si­bly reserve) pro­jec­tors. Look for miss­ing cables. Adjust speak­er­phones so the pro­jec­tor fan doesn’t drown out the peo­ple on the other end of the line, and so on.

Well, many con­fer­ence rooms have big TV’s these days. Admit­tedly not all, but many do. What if they were Apple TV’s with Air­play (I’m assum­ing Apple makes a TV with a box built in, but the same holds for a cur­rent Apple TV).

Then, every­one with their iPads could just walk in the door and throw their pre­sen­ta­tion up on the screen. No muss, no fuss.

Oh yeah, I don’t know about you… but every meet­ing I seem to attend has an iPad (other than mine) brought in by some­one. (We share our sto­ries for how we work around IT to get our jobs done… yeah, that’s a com­mon theme.)

Think about costs. Cur­rent Apple TV is $100. Pro­jec­tor? More. Prob­a­bly any­where from $350-$1,000… though at the low end, you’re not get­ting great qual­ity. Then you have bulbs that burn out, cables that are lost, logis­tics around reserv­ing it, and pro­jec­tors that grow feet. It’s cheaper even if you include the iPad in there.

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